Sant Gervasi

Atelier de Sant Gervasi, is a space created by Barcelonesa artist Patricia Trujillo in 2014. It offers a space of dedication to plastic creation and artistic production in an international environment that has become a meeting point for the current scene.


The Atelier promotes artistic values such as creativity, freedom of expression to encourage personal growth of students. All of them in an open space in the heart of Barcelona totally focused to promote the creation and the interrelationship of the artists.


Workshop offers courses and special programs for children, young people and adults as well as exhibitions, thematic sessions or relevant thematic excursions for the growth of their students.

Teacher’s team is formed by professionals of Visual Arts and artists of international recognition. Students receive a highly personalized treatment and ongoing training which allows both start in painting how to specialize and improve technique.

The space is fully equipped to develop the proposed activities as well as the Atelier offers a gallery and permanent exhibition room space representing a space to expose the work of emerging artists.

Courses for boys and girls

Courses for adults

Intensive courses